Help Invest Financially In Volleyball Excellence

Hi5 Family Members,
Throughout the year Hi5 will be offering various fundraisers for our families to help offset the cost of playing club volleyball. Many of the fundraisers will offer a large percentage of the sales to go back to the families account directly. A highly successful motivated family can raise thousands of dollars towards their dues.

**See the "Documents" section on the right of this page for more detailed information>>>>
If you would like to serve on the fundraising committee, have an idea for a fundraiser or you would be interested in contributing yourself please contact Kurt Matthews at kurtmatthews@southernvolleyball.com
Kurt Matthews, Board Representative   kurtmatthews@southernvolleyball.com   Sponsorships      
Janessa Grayson, Director                      janessagrayson@hotmail.com                  Basket Raffle/Poinsettia Sales
A5 Representative                                  TBA
GA5 Representative                               TBA
A5 South Representative                       TBA                

  • Most fundraisers are set-up to reward the family by crediting a percentage of their sales towards their account. As an example if a family sells a "$2,500 banner sponsorship" that family would receive 50% credit ($1,250) towards their account. 
  • BASKET RAFFLE information will be released in early December.
  •  Cozy Comfy Sheets order forms can be picked up at Southern Volleyball Center (A5), Suwanee Sports Academy (GA5) or Peachtree City Volleyball Center (PCVC). Contact Holly Garrison (contact info listed above) for more information.  

Fundraiser $ Credited to Seller's Account Time Frame
1. Financial Aid "Hi5" Varied amounts  Pre-Tryouts 
2. Selling Sponsorships 50% of proceeds Year-around
3. Club Basket Raffle  25% to 50% December-May
4. Poinsettia Sales 50% of proceeds Fall
5. **Cozy Comfy Sheets Approx. $10 per sheet Fall
6. Kroger Card Funds go to Hi5 Year-around
7. TBA    
Thank you,
Hi5 Fundraising Committee

Our Mission
  • Provide an opportunity for any female athlete who qualifies for the A5 or GA5 club programs to compete at an elite level and promote her potential for a collegiate athletic experience regardless of financial circumstances.
Our Goals
  • Provide every athlete the opportunity to realize her goals in playing this sport, be it to play at a collegiate level, improve as a high school player, or achieve a higher level of physical fitness.
  • Maximize exposure of the athletes to college recruiters.
  • Provide the highest level of coaching available to produce the most outstanding athletes in the southeastern region.
  • Encourage success for an overall well-rounded athlete on the court, in the classroom, and in the community.
Our Core Values
  • The Hi5 athlete will present her personal best as a player, a teammate, a student and an individual at all times.
  • The Hi5 athlete must maintain her GPA in a college preparatory curriculum and strive to meet all requirements and responsibilities expected of her to continue receiving all scholarship benefits.
  • The Hi5 athlete must be an ambassador of the A5 and GA5 club organizations, enhancing her team dynamic through goodwill and promoting player sportsmanship.
  • The Hi5 athlete will demonstrate discipline and determination to not only apply in the game and as a team player, but beyond the court, our mission: learning life lessons through volleyball.

Facts About A5

  • A5 was founded in 2005; GA5 founded in 2008; A5 South in 2012. GA5 and A5 South are sister clubs to A5.
  • Produced well over 200 athletes who have gone on to play in college. 95 athletes from the classes of 2012 and 2013 alone are competing at the next level.
  • 35 A5 teams across the 10 to 18 age groups.
  • 16 GA5 teams across the 12 to 18 age groups.
  • A5 South is fielding 14 teams.
  • Top club in the Southeast (based on any quantifiable measure).
  • Top 10 club nationally (according to Triple Crown Sports annual ranking).
  • Won over 50 tournament titles in 5 years.
  • Won 2007 USA Volleyball 16 American championship.
  • Won 2008 USA Volleyball 18 National championship.
  • Won 2011 USA Volleyball 16 American championship.
  • Over 750 athletes participating across the three clubs.
  • Hosts annual invitational tournament that attracts 1500 athletes and their families.
  • Hosts annual regional college showcase that attracts 450 prospects and 80 college coaches.
  • Through the fund-raising efforts of our members, coupled with the generosity of donors we have been able to provide financial assistance to 20 – 30 families in any given year—families whose daughters would otherwise not have been able to play club volleyball.
  • We maximize exposure of the athletes to college recruiters.
  • We endeavor to provide the highest level of coaching available to produce the most outstanding athletes in the southeastern region.
  • We encourage success for an overall well-rounded athlete on the court, in the classroom, and in the community.

Important Documents

Poinsettia Order Form '17
(288.5 KB PDF)

Poinsettia Instructions '17
(349.8 KB PDF)

(210.5 KB PDF)

COZzzy Comfy Sheets Order '17
(570.2 KB PDF)

Basket Raffle Instructions '17
(114.7 KB DOC)

Kroger Fundraiser '17
(199.9 KB PDF)

Tax Form for Hi-5
(94.9 KB PDF)

Hi5/Sponsor Banner Order Form
(145.7 KB PDF)

Hi5 Sponsor Overview
(355.9 KB PDF)

Hi 5/Financial Aid Sponsor Brochure
(377.0 KB PDF)

Hi5 Application
(51.2 KB DOC)

Hi5 Donation Form and Receipt
(114.9 KB PDF)

A5 Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

A5 has earned more bids to the USAV National Championship tournament than any other club in the country over the last six years.

A5 Volleyball Club
c/o Southern Volleyball Center
11415 Old Roswell Road, Suite #200
Alpharetta, GA 30009
Phone: 770-346-8878

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