A5 Alumni in the college ranks

Player College
Jacqueline Jacobs (MB) Atlanta Girls School Brown
Sarah Porter (S) Holy Innocents Emory
Lydia Morris (MB) Woodward Furman
Nicole Cohen (OH) Holy Innocents Georgia College
Celeste Fitzgerald (DS) Walton Georgia State
Hanna Weiland (S) Marist Georgia State
Caroline Welsh (DS) Westminster Illinois
Tai Bierra (OH) Walton Memphis
Sarah Parker (RS/S) Blessed Trinity Radford
Cassiday Cason (S) Oak Mountain Rollins
Kelley Hartman (MB) Sequoyah South Alabama
Lauren Hartman (OH/RS) Sequoyah South Alabama
Kayla Wood (OH) Riverwood South Florida State
Lexi Kingree (S) Chattahoochee Tennessee Tech
Sydney Pineda (RS/MB) Alpharetta Troy
Mikaela Weidmann (MB) Centinenal UNC - Greensboro
Mikaela Gauthreaux (OH) Johns Creek UT - Chattanooga
Leila King (MB) Marist Wash U
Madeline Savage (DS) Johns Creek Wofford
Player College
Kodi Smith (DS) Harrison Butler
Kayla Ousley (MB) Woodstock Coastal Georgia
Mason Rooney (RS) Westminster Davidson
Jessi Bartholomew (OH) Duke
Maggie Rick (S) Blessed Trinity Florida Gulf Coast
Paige McKnight (S) Dunwoody Georgetown
Majesti Bass (MB) Rockdale County Georgia
Caroline Ostman (OH) Harrison Georgia
Taylor Svehla (MB) South Forysth Georgia College and State
Savanna Gonzales (OH) North Cobb Georgia Regents
Kendra Koetter (S) Wesleyn Georgia Southern
Katilyn Dachs (DS) Northview Georgia State
Lauren Frerking (MB) Wesleyn Georgia Tech
Ashley Dean (DS) Walton Jacksonville
Madi Bright Jacksonville (Sand)
Ashlyne Miller Jacksonville (Sand)
Liesl Engelbrecht (MB) Northview Kennesaw State
Karla Radillo (DS) North Cobb Kennesaw State
Alyssa Munlyn (MB) North Gwinnett Missouri
Simone Maxwell (RS) North Cobb Montevallo
Ashlyn Brandon (S) Sequoyah Reinhardt
Camila Zimmerman (OH) St Pius Rhodes
Zahria Graham (OH) North Springs Tennessee State
Alex Mills (OH) Roswell Towson
Alisha Hinrichs (DS) Johns Creek Troy
Logan Page (MB) Sequoyah Troy
Jocelyn Mahayag (DS) Harrison Truett-McConnell
Ashley Miller (OH) Walton Valdosta State
Harley Sebastian (OH) Lovett Virginia
Amber MacDonald (DS) Blessed Trinity Wisconsin
Player College
Tory Wright South Forsyth Academics at UGA
Isabel Fabacher (RS/MH) Johns Creek Armstrong Atlantic
Tate Pember (DS/L) North Cobb Auburn
Jessica Sloan (RS/OH) Walton Dayton
Stephanie Martin (RS) Roswell DePauw
Sam Harton Darlington Emerson
Katelyn Green North Springs Emory
Bryan Cardozo (S/DS) Erskine
Calvin Kehoe (S/DS) Erskine
Katie Ray (DS/L) Blessed Trinity GCSU
Paige Elliot (MB) Georgia Regents University
Annika Olsen (DS/L) Johns Creek Georgia Tech/Iowa
Haley Templeton (S) Chattahooche Miami
Celine Das Pope NYU
Rachel Croce South Forysth Reinhardt
Molly McAlvany (OH) Blessed Trinity Tampa
Savannah Oaks Lambert Tampa
Claudia Coco (L/DS) Tennessee
Taylor Haskins (OH) Harrison Texas Tech
Reina Terry (S) Chattahooche Troy
Baley West (DS/L) Marietta University of Alabama at Birmingham
Sydney Morton (S) Woodward University of Penn
Eden Murray (RS/S) Hebron UTC
Hannah Hoskin Wesleyan Washington and Lee
Player College
Brittany Hereth (OH) Crown Armstrong Atlantic
Emily Wylie (RS) Mills Creek Armstrong Atlantic
Allie Davenport (OH) Sandy Creek Chattanooga
Emily Morrison (OH) St. Pius X Chattanooga
Jessica Holler (MB) Blessed Trinity Emory
Rachel Reynolds (OH) Pope GCSU
Amanda Dachs (OH) Northview Georgia
Elle McCord (L/DS) Northgate Georgia
Morgan Patterson (RS/DS) Walton Georgia State
Kristina Stinson (MB/OH) North Gwinnett Georgia State
Anouska Best (MB/RS) Walton Illinois - Chicago
Caylee Salabarria (S) Creekview Maryville - FSU Academics
Matia Hughes (L/DS) North Gwinnett NYU
Alexandra Nagle (MB) Marist NYU
Sara Rogers (S) Johns Creek Presbyterian College
Lauren Meyer (MB) Lambert Shorter University
Abby Feruck (MB) Blessed Trinity South Carolina
Amy Vansant (L/DS) Lakeside South Florida
Jennifer Miller (L/DS) Wesleyan TCU
Alisha Erves (MB) Sandy Creek UT - Martin
Player College
Rebecca Arndt (MB) Lassiter Academics at Alabama
Meg Bright (MB) Harrison Air Force / Emmanual
Mary Hannah Arrington (OH) Pope Auburn
Leslye Barnette (MB) Pope Augusta State
Nicole Baker (MB) Kenessaw Mt Berea
Andrea Fletcher (RS) Johns Creek Carnegie Mellon / Academics at Georgia Tech
Catherine Chason (L/DS) Greater Atlanta Christian Chattanooga
Katelyn Wienbarg (OH) Kenessaw Mt Coastal Georgia
Ariel Shonk (DS) Riverwood Delaware
Danielle Sweet (MB) Creekview Emmanuel College
Katherine Plessy (MB/OH) Walton Florida State (Sand)
Alexis Ryan (OH) Harrison Florida State (Sand)
Crysten Curry (MB) Georgia Southern
Callie Bivings (S) Wesleyan Georgia Tech
Wimberly Wilson (L/DS) Pope Georgia Tech
Jennifer Shults (OH/MB) Roswell Harvard
Anne Yanda (S) Holy Innocents Iowa
Rachael Smoltz (OH/DS) Liberty
Kelly Murphy (OH) Walton Michigan
Jessica Fallatta (DS) Montevallo
Katie Bange (RS) Pope MTSU / Georgia Southern
Tori Forrest (OH) North Cobb New Hampshire
Virginia Boyd (S) Riverwood Sewanee
Maggie Williamson (DS) Taylor University
Mikaela Tracy (S) Pope The Citadel / KSU
Blair Winston (OH) Sprayberry Troy
Kennedy Bryan (OH) Chattahoochee Virginia Tech
Mercedes Pressley (MB) Chattahoochee West Georgia / Emmanual
Alexandria Bidgood (MB) St. Pius X Wofford / Academics
Nicole Carpenter (S) Pope Wofford / Academics Georgia Tech
Player College
Kelsey Dobbs (DS) Academics at Auburn
Kelsi Dean (RS/OH) Lovett Belmont
Meredith Hopper (OH/DS) Pope Berry College
Gretchen Kaufman (MB) Centenial Berry College
Krista Miller (S) Lassiter Berry College
Kelly Foster (OH) Kelly Foster Birmingham-Southern
Sarah Morris (MB) Pope Bucknell
Delaina Sarden (MB) Peachtree Ridge Central Florida
Ali McAlvany (OH/RS) Blessed Trinity Eckerd College
Gaby Smiley (OH) Northview Georgia
Kayla Henderson (OH) Georgia Southern
Zoey Morton (OH) Woodward Georgia Tech
Hannah Grace Stokes (S) Marist Holy Cross
Megan Makuck (L/DS) Blessed Trinity Iowa / Oglethorpe
Nicole Gagnier (S) M.I.T.
Katie Potts (S/RS) Northview Marshall
Lauren Teknipp (MB) Eagles Landing Michigan
Kaylee Kehoe (S) Whitewater MTSU / Georgia
Delaney Dameron (MB) Milton New Hampshire
Rachel Hall (MB) Roswell Presbyterian College
Abby Hutchinson (DS/OH) Kenessaw Mt Reinhardt
Eileen Hogan (OH/DS) Scad
Megan Pepe (S) Shorter
Megan Connolly (S) Marist University of Penn
Mary Hoey (OH) Pope Wake Forest / Academics
Dani Thompson (L/DS) Pope Wake Forest / Academics at Georgia
Player College
Brooke Mann (MB) Anderson University
Caroline Adams (MB) Auburn / Academics
Alexandra Clyburn (MB) Bryant
Leah Best (RS) Walton Cal State Fullerton
Lindsey Bryant (OH) Carson-Newman
Jennifer Kuroski (OH) Chattanooga
Aneisha Christie (MB) Aneisha Christie Chattanooga / Academics
Emily Schultz (MB/RS) St. Pius X College of Charleston
Tindall Sewell (MB) Westminster Davidson
Anna Keappler (OH) Wesleyan Eckerd College / Berry
Melissa Woodall (L/DS) Lassiter Flagler College
Ashley Neff (MB) North Cobb Florida State
Amanda Komisarow (OH) Greater Atlanta Furman / Academics
Taylor Smith (L/DS) Blessed Trinity Georgia Tech
Kady Curl (RS/MB) Montevallo
Brynna Robinson (S) Scad
Morgan Page (L/DS) Sequoyah South Carolina Upstate
Kinsey Williams (MB) South Forysth Southeastern Louisiana
Courtney Cohen (L/DS) Troy
Haley Collins (L/DS) Wesleyan UNC Wilmington
Reagin Boggs (S) University of Mobile
Stephanie Thelen (S) Milton UNLV
Bridget Camacho (S) Pinecrest VCU / Chattanooga
Player College
Casey Praznik Academics
Melissa Thorton (OH) Brenau
Sydney Yeomans (L/DS) Brevard College
Alli Nogi (MB) Elon
Emily Reiser (S) Chattahoochee Emory
Nicole Choi (L/DS) Marist Georgia
Lauren Hutchinson (MB) Kenessaw Mt Georgia / Samford
Ashleigh Weinbarg (L/DS) Kenessaw Mt Georgia Southern
Monique Mead (RS) Landmark Christian Georgia Tech
Katie Battani (S) Lee University
Ashley Veach (OH/DS) Northview Mississippi
Meg Yanda (MB) Holy Innocents North Carolina / Academics
Mariah Booth (MB) Kennesaw Mt Ohio State
Tori O'Brien (OH) Sequoyah Reinhardt College
Nicole McAlvany (S) Blessed Trinity Rhodes College / Academics
Brandi Byers (MB) South Carolina
Paige Weiland (OH) Marist South Carolina Upstate / Academics
Katie Onushko (RS) Sequoyah Valdosta State
Meg Buker (S) Westminster Washington University St. Louis
Audrey Hipple (OH) Parkview West Georgia
Gabi Smith (L/DS) Woodward William and Mary
Player College
Caroline Baudrand Academics
Kaity Catledge Academics
Ashley Dryman (L/DS) Academics
Nikki Garcia Academics
Erin Michael Academics
Jessica Ruple (OH/RS) Alabama-Huntsville
Maureen Smith (MB) Anderson University
Kari Bardis (L/DS) Northview Arizona / Academics
Natalie Edgeworth Armstrong Atlantic
Kristania Crawford (S) Augusta State
Stephanie Post (OH) Harrison Berry College
Lindsey Regruto (L/DS) Marist Bucknell
Dakota Davis Chattanooga
Megan Sweat (OH) Roswell Columbia
Jessica McAlvany (OH) Blessed Trinity Davidson / Emory
Jessica Barnes (OH) Delaware State
Betsy Smith (MB) Wesleyan Florida
Hannah Nelson (RS) Georgia Southern
Lisa Carlson (L/DS) Marist Georgia Tech
Alexis Woodson (MB) Woodward Georgia Tech
Virginia Hogan (OH) Chattahoochee Gettysburg College
Sandra Lynne Fryhofer (MB) Westminster Harvard
Mary Chaudoin (S) Starrs Mill Indiana
Allie Schleisman (S) Northview Jacksonville State / Academics at Georgia
Grace Hoyt (S) South Forysth Kennesaw State
Courtney Fletcher (MB) Northview Michigan
Caroline Cordle (OH) Westminster Middlebury
Mary Grace Gallahger (L/DS) Lovett Northwestern
Christine Cooper (OH) Oglethorpe
Alesia Paul (OH) Presbyterian College
Sami Lane (OH) Sequoyah Reinhardt College
Olympia Haney (OH) Scad
Danielle Dunn Kenessaw Mt St. Petersburg College
Maggie Hoey (S) Pope Wake Forest
Player College
Emily Morris Academics at Georgia Tech
Briana Johnson (MB) Auburn / Academics
Rebecca Simon (L/DS) Marist Auburn / Academics
Chase Lowther Augusta State
Nicole Smith (MB) Brandeis
Holly Knight (OH) Harrison Butler / Kennesaw State
Erin Callahan (MB) Milton Central Florida
Kara Raker (MB) Charlotte
Whitney Russell (OH) Marist College of Charleston
Schulyer Donaldson Georgia Southern
Jordan McCullers (L/DS) Harrison Georgia Tech
Mary Ashley Tippins (S) Marist Georgia Tech
Miki Comrie (OH) Westminster Harvard
Ceci Mattei (S/OH) Alpharetta Kennesaw State
Stephanie Wardach (MB) Louisiana-Monroe
Allie Burke (MB) Marist Marist
Chelsea Coleman (OH) Mars Hill
Elizabeth Herman (OH) Marshall University
Maureen Esler Montevallo
Ashley Dunlap Presbyterian College
Amanda Kettles (MB) Presbyterian College
Hannah Lawing (OH) Lassiter South Carolina
Blaine McAllister (OH/RS) The Citadel
Caiti Troyer (S) Wesleyan Trinity
Kelly Spencer (S/DS) United States Air Force Academy
Courtney Cooper (OH) United States Miltary Academy
Sam Krehel (OH) United States Miltary Academy
Summer Goldberg (L/DS) Woodward Washington and Lee
Eleanor Levine Williams College
Player College
Katie DeLaughter Academics at Abilene Christian
Shawn Carroll Woodward Berry College
Brooke Truxillo (S/DS) Marist College of Charleston / Academics
Kelsey Burkett Milton Georgia
Nicole Fenner (OH) Wesleyan James Madison
Brittany Williams (MB) Marist Kansas
Mary Russell (S) Woodward Pennsylvania
Sarah Palmer (OH) Woodward Wofford
Player College
Kursten Carr Academics at Georgia Southern
Elizabeth Yanda (MB) Holy Innocnets Academics at Michigan
Carla Durham (MB) Appalachian State
Katherine Poss (S/OH) Marshall / Academics at Georgia
Parker Henritze (OH) Westminster Princeton
Courtney Gay (L/DS) Samford
Kirstyn Godwin Virginia Tech / Academics

A5 Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

A5 has earned a reputation on both qualitative and quantitative levels such that most would consider us to be the finest Junior Olympic Volleyball Club in the South and one of the top ten in the nation.

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Alpharetta, GA 30009
Phone: 770-346-8878

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