A5 Coaching Roster

Our coaches focus on consistency. Our coaches manual defines what we teach and at what age we teach each skill at A5. We also focus on the fact that once a skill is taught at a young age, we will focus on reinforcement of that skill to grow it further. From the time a player is 12 until they graduate from high school, we will maintain consistency.

Master-Coaching Mentoring Program: We refocused our attention on this program to put experienced coaches in a a position of leadership to work with younger coaches and to have teams practice together. These groups of two to three work together in planning practices, reviewing personnel utilization, and working together on strategies for success.

A5 Volleyball Club remains committed to hiring, training, and retaining the most experienced coaches available. At A5 Volleyball, we are fortunate to have a truly talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff responsible for the development of our student-athletes.

Name Team
Danielle Abram
Email | Bio
Head coach 13-Danielle
Melissa Abram
Head coach 14-Regional Melissa
Assistant coach 15-Victor
Angel Acevedo
Email | Bio
Head coach 17-Acevedo
Gabriel Aramian
Email | Bio
Head coach 16-Gabe
Karen Arndt
Email | Bio
Head coach 13-Karen
Board representative 18-Scott
Board representative 15-Victor
Board representative 14-Han
Board representative 13-Theresa
No photo Gary Aromin
Head coach 14-Boys Gary
No photo Clinton Ashley
Head coach 18-Boys Clinton
Kelly Audia
Assistant coach 15-Bob
Board representative 16-Stephen
Board representative 15-Mitch
Board representative 14-Allison
Board representative 13-Kip
No photo Nichole Ausbrooks
Head coach 15-Boys Nichole
Lori Benjamin
Head coach 11-Lori
Video coordinator 17-Jing
Allison Boes
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-Allison
John Mark Boes
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 14-Allison
No photo Shelly Bolsius
Head coach 12-Shelly
JJ Boyte
Email | Bio
No photo Josh Bragg
Assistant coach 16-Boys Carlos
No photo Isabelle Breitbarth
Assistant coach 17-Acevedo
Lexi Broadwater
Lola Burdick
Assistant coach 11-Kaina
Spencer Burrows
Board representative 18-Marc
Board representative 17-Jing
Board representative 14-Helen
Board representative 13-Kacey
Kip Buss
Email | Bio
Head coach 13-Kip
No photo Mitchell Cadrette
Head coach 15-Mitch
Carissa Calderone
Head coach 12-Carissa
Jordan Childs
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 18-Boba
Scott Cioffari
Email | Bio
Head coach 18-Scott
No photo Kendall Cochran
Assistant coach 12-Whitney
Melanie Colbert
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 16-Stephen
Haley Collins
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 16-Gabe
No photo Katrina Connolly
Ken Connor
Email | Bio
Head coach 17-Regional Ken
Jensen Corder
Assistant coach 14-Boys Gary
Jose Javier Cornier
Email | Bio
No photo Gloria Cortes
Head coach 11-Gloria
Olivia Cowen
Head coach 11-Regional Olivia
Assistant coach 11-Gloria
Coach Ki Delaney
Assistant coach 14-Han
No photo Kayla Duncan
Assistant coach 11-Ada
No photo Darby Dunn
Assistant coach 15-Erika
Joshua Eide
Email | Bio
Head coach 15-Boys Josh
No photo Laura Erdal
Assistant coach 12-Erin
Travel coordinator 16-Anand
Jessica Feder
Assistant coach 14-Helen
Kelcey Fitzgerald
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-Kelcey
Erin Flynn
Email | Bio
Head coach 12-Erin
Travel coordinator 16-Patrick
No photo Chanda Ford
Head coach 16-Chanda
Erika Ford
Head coach 15-Erika
Head coach 13-Regional Erika
Ada Franklin
Head coach 11-Ada
Head coach 12- Regional Ada
Kaina Gillespie
Head coach 11-Kaina
Assistant coach 16-Anand
Brett Goblisch
Email | Bio
Head coach 15-Brett
No photo Angel Gonzalez
Head coach 17-Gonzalez
No photo Jose Gonzalez
Head coach 12-Jose
No photo Jessica Gum
Whitney Hayes
Head coach 12-Whitney
Maureen Holland
Email | Bio
Co-head coach 13-MoBetty
Jing Hou
Email | Bio
Head coach 17-Jing
Caroline Howell
Assistant coach 12-Laura
Gary Jensen
Email | Bio
Board representative 17-Acevedo
Board representative 16-Chanda
Board representative 15-Brett
Board representative 13-MoBetty
Travel coordinator 14-Boys Gary
Alexis Johnson
Mackenzie Johnson
Head coach 11-Mackenzie
Assistant coach 16-Anand
No photo Bryana Jones
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 13-Kip
Marc Jones
Email | Bio
Head coach 18-Boys Marc
Head coach 18-Marc
Trey Jones
Assistant coach 16-Boys Carlos
Assistant coach 18-Marc
Brianna Kastner
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-Bri
Rebekah Key
Assistant coach 12-Shelly
Aneska Kirklen
Email | Bio
Head coach 10-Aneska
Earl Kneessi
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 14-Allison
Board representative 18-Boba
Board representative 16-Patrick
Board representative 14-Kelcey
Board representative 13-Danielle
No photo Anand Lalaji
Head coach 16-Anand
Ashley Landers
Assistant coach 12-Carissa
No photo Madi Lee
Assistant coach 12-Jose
Kirsten Lindhardt
Assistant coach 10-Aneska
No photo Kaleigh Logan
Assistant coach 15-Mitch
No photo Nicole Lonsford
Conor Lounsbury
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 12-LA
Mary Malantis
Assistant coach 17-Gonzalez
No photo Robert Mangan
Assistant coach 15-Boys Nichole
Tina Marstellar
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-Tina
Assistant coach 15-Boys Nichole
Jaime Maxey
Assistant coach 18-Scott
Elise McFeeley
Assistant coach 14-Tina
Laura Jane McLaughlin
Head coach 10-Laura
Ribbon coordinator 12-Bas
No photo Kate Messner
Assistant coach 13-Theresa
No photo Tom Messner
Assistant coach 13-Karen
No photo Lindsay Michaels
Assistant coach 14-Kelcey
Alex Mills
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 18-Boys Clinton
No photo Marc Moody
Assistant coach 18-Boys Marc
Boba Nisavic
Email | Bio
Head coach 18-Boba
LA O'Sullivan
Email | Bio
Head coach 12-LA
No photo Isabel Paci
Claire Parsons
Assistant coach 13-Boys Scott
Michael Pham
Assistant coach 11-Mackenzie
No photo Theresa Phelps
Email | Bio
Head coach 13-Theresa
Basimah Popescu
Email | Bio
Head coach 12-Bas
Food coordinator 16-Gabe
Food coordinator 14-Bri
Sabrina Rodgers
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 17-Jing
No photo Nicholas Rousseau
Assistant coach 15-Boys Josh
No photo Samantha Sanchez
Assistant coach 13-Danielle
Stephen Sansing
Email | Bio
Head coach 16-Stephen
Leah Saunders
Assistant coach 16-Patrick
No photo Charles Shearer
Lauren Sheets
Scott Shelley
Email | Bio
Head coach 13-Boys Scott
Board representative 17-Gonzalez
Board representative 16-Anand
Board representative 15-Erika
Board representative 14-Bri
Hanna Siefert
Assistant coach 15-Brett
Kacey Simon
Email | Bio
Head coach 13-Kacey
No photo Laura Simpson
Assistant coach 10-Laura
Michelle Sims
Email | Bio
Betty Smith
Email | Bio
Head coach 15- Regional Betty
Co-head coach 13-MoBetty
Summer Smith
Assistant coach 14-Bri
Carlos Soler
Email | Bio
Head coach 16-Boys Carlos
No photo Kat Stevens
Head coach 16-Regional Kat
Addie Stidsen
Assistant coach 11-Eric
Eric Stidsen
Email | Bio
Head coach 11-Eric
Head coach 12- Regional Eric
Emma Stokes
Assistant coach 10-Julie
Kayla Thomas
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-Regional KT
No photo Morgan Thomas
Assistant coach 16-Chanda
Assistant coach 14-Tina
Cassady Thompson
Assistant coach 13-Kacey
No photo Ashleigh Tompa
Assistant coach 11-Lori
Patrick Vandendriessche
Head coach 16-Patrick
Helen Lin Walker
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-Helen
No photo Danielle Welsh
Board representative 16-Gabe
Board representative 15-Bob
Board representative 14-Tina
Board representative 13-Karen
Charles Westbrook
Email | Bio
Head coach 15-Bob
Steve Wilcosky
No photo Julie Winfield
Head coach 10-Julie
Laura Winkler
Head coach 12-Laura
Victor Wu
Email | Bio
Head coach 15-Victor
Han Xu
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-Han
No photo Diana Yuille
Team Coach
No photo 18-Marc Head coach Marc Jones Email | Bio
Assistant coach Trey Jones Email
No photo 18-Boba Head coach Boba Nisavic Email | Bio
Assistant coach Jordan Childs Email | Bio
No photo 18-Scott Head coach Scott Cioffari Email | Bio
Assistant coach Jaime Maxey Email
No photo 17-Jing Head coach Jing Hou Email | Bio
Assistant coach Sabrina Rodgers Email | Bio
No photo 17-Gonzalez Head coach Angel Gonzalez Email
Assistant coach Mary Malantis Email
No photo 17-Acevedo Head coach Angel Acevedo Email | Bio
Assistant coach Isabelle Breitbarth Email
No photo 16-Gabe Head coach Gabriel Aramian Email | Bio
Assistant coach Haley Collins Email | Bio
No photo 16-Stephen Head coach Stephen Sansing Email | Bio
Assistant coach Melanie Colbert Email | Bio
No photo 16-Patrick Head coach Patrick Vandendriessche Email
Assistant coach Leah Saunders Email
No photo 16-Anand Head coach Anand Lalaji Email
Assistant coach Kaina Gillespie Email
Assistant coach Mackenzie Johnson Email
No photo 16-Chanda Head coach Chanda Ford Email
Assistant coach Morgan Thomas Email
Assistant coach AJ Morris Email
No photo 15-Bob Head coach Charles Westbrook Email | Bio
Assistant coach Kelly Audia Email
No photo 15-Victor Head coach Victor Wu Email | Bio
Assistant coach Melissa Abram Email
No photo 15-Brett Head coach Brett Goblisch Email | Bio
Assistant coach Hanna Siefert Email
Click to view team 15-Erika Head coach Erika Ford Email
Assistant coach Darby Dunn Email
No photo 15-Mitch Head coach Mitchell Cadrette Email
Assistant coach Kaleigh Logan Email
Click to view team 14-Helen Head coach Helen Lin Walker Email | Bio
Assistant coach Jessica Feder Email
No photo 14-Allison Head coach Allison Boes Email | Bio
Assistant coach Earl Kneessi Email | Bio
Assistant coach John Mark Boes Email | Bio
Click to view team 14-Bri Head coach Brianna Kastner Email | Bio
Assistant coach Summer Smith Email
No photo 14-Tina Head coach Tina Marstellar Email | Bio
Assistant coach Elise McFeeley Email
Assistant coach Morgan Thomas Email
No photo 14-Kelcey Head coach Kelcey Fitzgerald Email | Bio
Assistant coach Lindsay Michaels Email
No photo 14-Han Head coach Han Xu Email | Bio
Assistant coach Coach Ki Delaney Email
Click to view team 13-Karen Head coach Karen Arndt Email | Bio
Assistant coach Tom Messner Email
Click to view team 13-MoBetty Co-head coach Betty Smith Email | Bio
Co-head coach Maureen Holland Email | Bio
Click to view team 13-Kip Head coach Kip Buss Email | Bio
Assistant coach Bryana Jones Email | Bio
No photo 13-Kacey Head coach Kacey Simon Email | Bio
Assistant coach Cassady Thompson Email
No photo 13-Danielle Head coach Danielle Abram Email | Bio
Assistant coach Samantha Sanchez Email
No photo 13-Theresa Head coach Theresa Phelps Email | Bio
Assistant coach Kate Messner Email
No photo 12-LA Head coach LA O'Sullivan Email | Bio
Assistant coach Conor Lounsbury Email | Bio
Click to view team 12-Erin Head coach Erin Flynn Email | Bio
Assistant coach Laura Erdal Email
No photo 12-Carissa Head coach Carissa Calderone Email
Assistant coach Ashley Landers Email
No photo 12-Bas Head coach Basimah Popescu Email | Bio
No photo 12-Laura Head coach Laura Winkler Email
Assistant coach Caroline Howell Email
Click to view team 12-Shelly Head coach Shelly Bolsius Email
Assistant coach Rebekah Key Email
No photo 12-Whitney Head coach Whitney Hayes Email
Assistant coach Kendall Cochran Email
No photo 12-Jose Head coach Jose Gonzalez Email
Assistant coach Madi Lee Email
No photo 11-Lori Head coach Lori Benjamin Email
Assistant coach Ashleigh Tompa Email
No photo 11-Ada Head coach Ada Franklin Email
Assistant coach Kayla Duncan Email
Click to view team 11-Eric Head coach Eric Stidsen Email | Bio
Assistant coach Addie Stidsen Email
No photo 11-Mackenzie Head coach Mackenzie Johnson Email
Assistant coach Michael Pham Email
No photo 11-Gloria Head coach Gloria Cortes Email
Assistant coach Olivia Cowen Email
No photo 11-Kaina Head coach Kaina Gillespie Email
Assistant coach Lola Burdick Email
No photo 10-Laura Head coach Laura Jane McLaughlin Email
Assistant coach Laura Simpson Email
No photo 10-Julie Head coach Julie Winfield Email
Assistant coach Emma Stokes Email
No photo 10-Aneska Head coach Aneska Kirklen Email | Bio
Assistant coach Kirsten Lindhardt Email
No photo 18-Boys Marc Head coach Marc Jones Email | Bio
Assistant coach Marc Moody Email
No photo 18-Boys Clinton Head coach Clinton Ashley Email
Assistant coach Alex Mills Email | Bio
No photo 16-Boys Carlos Head coach Carlos Soler Email | Bio
Assistant coach Trey Jones Email
Assistant coach Josh Bragg Email
No photo 15-Boys Josh Head coach Joshua Eide Email | Bio
Assistant coach Nicholas Rousseau Email
No photo 15-Boys Nichole Head coach Nichole Ausbrooks Email
Assistant coach Tina Marstellar Email | Bio
Assistant coach Robert Mangan Email
No photo 14-Boys Gary Head coach Gary Aromin Email
Assistant coach Jensen Corder Email
No photo 13-Boys Scott Head coach Scott Shelley Email | Bio
Assistant coach Claire Parsons Email
No photo 17-Regional Ken Head coach Ken Connor Email | Bio
No photo 16-Regional Kat Head coach Kat Stevens Email
No photo 15- Regional Betty Head coach Betty Smith Email | Bio
No photo 14-Regional Melissa Head coach Melissa Abram Email
No photo 14-Regional KT Head coach Kayla Thomas Email | Bio
Click to view team 13- Regional Tom
No photo 13-Regional Erika Head coach Erika Ford Email
No photo 12- Regional Ada Head coach Ada Franklin Email
Click to view team 12- Regional Eric Head coach Eric Stidsen Email | Bio
No photo 11-Regional Olivia Head coach Olivia Cowen Email

Contact Information

Gabriel Aramian

Charles Westbrook
Founder and Chairman of the Board

A5 Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

In 2014 our 18-Bob team finished 3rd in the country in 18-Open, and our 17-Jing team finished 2nd in the country in 17-Open.

A5 Volleyball Club
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11000 Alpharetta Hwy
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: 770-346-8878

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