Spring Youth 2022

Clinics and camps are purely instructional in nature.  Although there are some competitive elements incorporated so that participants learn the game play aspect of volleyball (short court games, cooperative drills, etc), participants do not compete on a team.

Our instructional clinics are open to participants 7-14 years old (2nd-9th grade), with no prior experience necessary. We group participants according to age and/or skill level during the first week. We then adjust participants to the appropriate groups depending on how they progress each week.

Part of A5's success is its coaching methods and philosophy. We believe in technique progressions and high repetitions. We insist on doing each skill repetition the correct way every time. Everyone, regardless of skill level, will start off with core drills that emphasize the basic fundamental skills of volleyball. Each week, we focus on one particular skill set, then build upon it each session. We end each training session with competitive game play. Towards the end of the program, participants compete against each other in different competitive formats.

The Spring youth programs run starting at the end of April or the beginning of May until Memorial day and will have the option to be at the A5 Sportsplex 1 or 2 days a week.

10 & Under - We use a lighter ball, smaller court segments, and lower nets. The program's focal point is fun and enjoyment while at the same time developing agility, hand eye coordination, body movement, and ball control work. Team play is incorporated with motor learning and skill development. Ideal for young beginners.

11-12 Years Old - We continue to develop agility, hand/eye coordination, and court movement. More game play situations are introduced. This is a great way to hone skills, prepare for school, or 12 & Under club tryouts.

12-14 Years Old - This is for those who want to keep their skills sharp, cannot commit to playing club volleyball, or just want additional training. The first portion of each session will cover instruction-based drills, then progress to competitive play where athletes will be divided into teams. Competitive game play situations are the norm and rotations are introduced.

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A5 Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

In 2015, each one of our 1 teams qualified for USAV Nationals at the highest competitive level offered (Open for 13s and above and National for 12s), an accomplishment replicated by only one other club in the country.

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