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What is the length of the boys’ volleyball season?

We have two seasons with tryouts for both. The fall/winter season starts in late September and ends in mid-February. The spring/early summer season starts in late April and ends with Boys’ Junior Nationals in early July.


How many teams will A5 have this year?

We will have as many teams as we can field based on the tryouts and interest.


What if I decide after the season starts that I want to play at A5?

For the 14 and unders, we may consider a practice player role in which athletes will have no travel expense, but will participate fully in all practices and training. It’s possible that we may add teams during the season as interest grows.


What if I have never played competitive volleyball before?

Most players that have joined A5 do not have previous volleyball experience. Our strong coaching staff is dedicated to helping each player develop the skills to be successful.


What if I play other sports?

Many A5 players participate in other sports. We only ask that you inform your coaches in advance of any conflicts.


Where and when do teams practice? 

Check out our practice schedule here. CLICK HERE


How much travel is involved?

Due to the rising popularity in the south, we are beginning to have more opportunities to play closer to home. However, most of our tournaments will be out of state. 


How much are the dues and what do they cover?

With tryouts approaching, we are frequently asked about the cost of playing for our club. In an effort to be open, communicative and transparent, we will summarize the cost of playing for A5 here on our website. We cover these costs in our A5 club information meeting in more detail.

Our presented fees are an all-in number. Included are tournament registration, coach and player lodging, coaching salaries, gym space, insurance, USAV and/or AAU membership fees, and additional costs associated with running the club. We express the all-in fees as a range for each age group below: a unique cost based on their tournament schedule. For example, our 14-1 team will be on the highest end of the range, where our 14-5 team will be on the lowest end.
There are only two exceptions to the presented fees below.  First, we are not including the cost of uniforms this year, as it is our goal to allow returning athletes to reuse their uniforms where practical.  Second, if your athlete is on a team that flies to a tournament, the flight costs are a separate number to the all-in fee. This mainly applies to our teams at age 16 and up, with a few exceptions. Please keep in mind that we are the only club in the country to have a group booking arrangement with airlines, ensuring we get the best possible costs for flights, saving families time and money. Additional information about flight costs for specific teams can be found by inquiring through the "contact us" link on the website, or calling our the office.  

When reviewing the cost of playing for our club it is important to remember several things:


What are the opportunities to play in college?

A number of colleges around the south have recently added men’s volleyball as a varsity sport, including one in Georgia and several in North and South Carolina, in addition to national powers like Penn State, UCLA, Ohio State, and Pepperdine. There were over 500 college commitments from the Class of 2018. 6 HBC just recently added boys volleyball.


For any other questions about our boys volleyball program, please email

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Practice Schedule 2021-22 (5/26 Updated)
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