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The Peach State Tour is a series of 4 JVA/AAU sanctioned Saturday events held at the A5 Sportsplex in Roswell/Alpharetta and in the Gainesville area. Additional locations will be added based on interest. Teams may sign up for any number of events. 

The format will consist of pool play followed by bracket play. Divsions will include a "Club Division" for more competitive teams as well as "Local" for less experienened groups. Age divisions will be 12s through 18s.

Up referee will be provided as well as on-line scheduling & scoring, live streaming through HiCast.com, prizes and so forth.  

REGISTER: Sign up at www.sportwrench.com  (10/1/21)

 Schedule will be posted Wednesday at noon before tournament.  This is to avoid multiple changes due to last minute drops.  Because of the overwhelming interest in the Peach State tournaments, we had to adjust wave times to provide room for everyone.  (SCHEDULE CLICK HERE)  - Some events will outside venues!

Please: EXPECT MULTIPLE SCHEDULE CHANGES DUE TO COVID And check for updates to be posted here regularly.

 Peach State Tour #1 / Kickoff 1/22  A5 Sportsplex   Club & Local (12-18s) 27
 Peach State Tour #2 2/12  A5 Sportsplex  Club & Local (12-18s) 36
 Peach State Tour #3  3/12  A5 Sportsplex  Club & Local (12-18s) 42
Peach State Tour Championships presented by Kudzu Klassic  4/23  A5 Sportsplex   Club & Local (12-18s) 66


Tournament Series Information


Live Streaming of Event
Yes! We are partnering with HiCast Sports to provide video coverage of this event. That means grandma and grandpa (and college coaches!) can watch from the comfort of their living rooms.  We have 4K cameras, wide angle on both end lines.  For more information, view this page.  To sign up for the service click here.

Coaches Meeting
There will be no coaches meeting at this tournament. Rather, we welcome you to review the coaches packet. Due to COVID - we will not have hard copies on hand to give to coaches upon check-in. This packet contains a detailed description of each division’s format, along with information that will be of use for all tournament participants and spectators.

Admissions (Applicable to all locations):

Spectators (including “chaperones” or “team reps”) will be charged $10 per day for admittance for this tournament. Players, coaches, and college coaches will be admitted without cost.  Coaches can only receive one credential even if on multiple rosters.  Coaches will recieve a QR Code!

All tickets will be sold online through sportwrench.com and require a team code.  Club directors will provide team codes to team parents.

While we hope to allow unlimited spectators in the future, we are currently planning to allow two spectators per player, per day!  Spectators will need to purchase each ticket in a seperate transcation.  Each Spectator will need unique QR code!  Tickets are required for anyone over the age of 2 and will be availble the Wednesday before the tournament on sportwrench.com

You will need to present your QR and ID for entry!
Each QR Code is good for One Person!

Stop # 4 Tickets 
You will need a coupon code from your club director or Head Coach which will be availble on or afte 4/11

Hotel Accommodations
If you need hotels please use the following link:  a5volleyball.completetravelplan.com, if you need additional information please contact Scott Cioffari, scott@a5volleyball.com, 919-357-2935
Artificial Noise
No speakers, radios, air horns, bells or the like will be permitted in the gym.
Food Tables
No Food Tables allowed. 

Facility Rules
There will be a no tolerance of misbehavior by players/teams and/or spectators in the venues: 

  • Ball Handling is NOT allowed off the courts.  
  • Masks must be worn at all times inside the playing facilities unless in the designated “Mask Free” eating and drinking area. 
  • Only beverages permitted on the sport court is water! 
  • All other beverages and snacks must be consumed in the designated “mask Free” area.
  • Coolers are NOT ALLOWED in the facilities.
  • Players must wear masks while on the sidelines

Violation of these policies or any other general misbehaviors may result in immediate dismissal from the facility for the remainder of the day/tournament! 

Artificial Noise

No speakers, radios, air horns, bells or the like will be permitted in the gym.
Food Tables

No food tables, no coolers, no outside chairs.  Players and Coaches may pack lunches/dinners/snacks.


Contact Us

Any other questions? 
Please email us at tournaments@a5volleyball.com.

We look forward to hosting your teams!

Important Documents

Coaches Packet
(102.4 KB PDF)

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