A5 Sportsplex Facility COVID Policies

Last Updated 1/24/2021

A5 Sportsplex intends to follow all CDC Guidelines and recommendations. Any changes to CDC Recommendations will require an update on these Policies.

General policy

The A5 Sportsplex is not currently permitting spectators during training/practice sessions. Decisions regarding spectators during tournaments held in the A5 Sportsplex will be determined on an event by event basis. Please check the event website for those determinations.

In order to enter the facility, all individuals must wear a mask and be temperature checked. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 will not be permitted to enter the facility.

All players and coaches must wear masks upon entering the gym. Coaches may remove masks when they are far enough away from players on the court (in order to be loud enough to be heard). Players may remove when involved in aerobic activities on the court. Otherwise, masks are required at ALL times.

Coaches and athletes should sanitize their hands upon entering and leaving the gym as well as during breaks.

Signage is posted around the gym regarding the requirements of masks before entry in the facility.

Self Monitoring

We request that all individuals self monitor before entering the facility by reviewing the following questions. If the answers to any of these questions are "yes", you should not enter the facility without being cleared by the A5 COVID Contact.

1. Have you or any of your family members been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?

2. Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms:
a. Cough?
b. Fever?
c. Shortness of breath?
d. Recent Loss of sense of smell or taste?

If an individual is feeling generally unwell they should not, under any circumstances, enter the practice facility. If an individual begins feeling unwell while in the facility, they should leave the facility as soon as possible and restrict interactions with others before leaving the facility.

Signage regarding this information is located around the gym.

Facility and Equipment

The facility, including all surfaces and restrooms, will be cleaned and sanitized each evening. Equipment (including balls and carts) will be cleaned between training sessions.

Athletes have designated areas for their belongings and should keep their belongings separate from other participants.

Entrances and Exits

It is important that individuals limit loitering, if you find the building doors are not unlocked, please do not congregate in front of the building. Wait in your car until the doors are unlocked and you can access the facility.

How to report COVID contacts/positive tests/negative tests

Anyone who has tested positive after being in our facility should report this information as soon as possible to our one main contact, the "A5 COVID Contact" using the email address covid@a5volleyball.com.  Do not report COVID information using the website's contact form.   Anyone who has tested positive should not enter the facility again until the A5 COVID Contact has cleared them to return.

Participants who may have been in contact with the individual will be communicated with as soon as possible.


Failure to follow any of the above facility rules regarding COVID will result in removal and potentially being banned from the facility in the future.

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