A5 Europe - Diary Entry #3

November 24, 2014 - Today, we traveled from Vienna, Austria to Maribor, Slovenia. On the bus ride there, some people slept, some talked, and some listened to music. It was about a two hour drive to our hotel. Once we got to the hotel, we had a lunch that was already prepared for us. After lunch, we got our room assignments and hung out until we met in the lobby. We went to the gym attached to the hotel and started practice. After our small serve and pass, a Slovenian professional team walked in, the first team we played this trip. The game started after we finished the international hitting warm up, which is a lot different than the American. The match was a tough one, with Slovenia winning in three sets, but we played a fourth just for fun. However, it was exciting to play at such a high level of volleyball. After the game ended, we all changed and went out to dinner with the other team. We ate on top of a mountain at a ski lodge. The food was delicious! At dinner, we sat with players from the other team and got to learn about their culture and their city. Even though it was very different, it was cool to learn about their lives. Tomorrow, we are going sightseeing in rustic Maribor! Stay tuned! 

Leila King, Caroline Welsh, Lydia Morris

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