A5 Europe - Diary Entry #4

November 25, 2014 - Today our adventure began early, starting with eating breakfast with Celeste. Celeste plays with the Slovenian National team that we played yesterday. She is from Denver and plays for Colorado Volleyball Academy. After eating, we drove two and a half hours to Bled, Slovenia where we hiked a mountian to see the Bled Castle. At the top of the castle, the fog covered up most of the view. For lunch, some people ate athentic Slovenian Mexican food while learning more about Celeste. Next we visited the only island in Slovenia. The boat ride there was 15 minutes long and the boat felt like it was about to tip over. The small and beautiful island included a church and a cafe. We caught up on some sleep on the ride back to the hotel. Once we returned, we played the Slovenian Youth National team. We improved with each set, and we were successful in winning the fourth set 25-18. After the exciting match, we ate a nice dinner with the opposing team. We are prepared to take them on again tomorrow at 9am EST. Stay tuned!

Cece Wu, Cassidy Cason and Sarah Jane Lynch

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