A5 Europe Diary Entry #6

November 28, 2014 - Day 6
On Day 6 we woke up early and traveled to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubjana. There we explored the beautiful city and learned more about the culture. As a team, we enjoyed the food and the shopping the city had to offer. After we experienced Ljubjana, the team got back on the bus and traveled to the border of Slovenia and Italy for our final match in Italy. On our way to play the Slovenian club team, we got lost! We went around the same circle three times! Despite our travel troubles, we came ready to play. The team we competed against was very experienced. We fought hard and kept our focus throughout the match and ended up winning two sets and losing two. That night we ate the most pizza I have ever seen a group of girls eat in my whole life! Best meal we have had yet! With full bellies, we got back on the bus and traveled to our hotel in Pordenone, Italy. We are excited to experience Italy for the rest of the trip! 

Day 7
Today we went Venice and walked the streets of San Marco Square. The girls and the coaches got a chance to get on a gondola. A gondola is a boat that takes you across the Grand Canal. From that point the girls had the chance to shop and eat. We met back at the train station to head back to the hotel. At the hotel we napped and then got ready to play. We then traveled to the small town of Talmassons to play Cda Volley Talmassons. The team was made up of women ranging from ages 22-28. This game was a big deal because it was televised and the mayor came to welcome us. After the welcoming from the mayor the game finally started. We played all five sets and won the match. I think it was the best match we've played the whole time since we've been here. After our win we ate dinner with some of the players. Although we didn't have the traditional Thanksgiving we were thankful such a successful day.  We are off Verona and Milan.

Ashley Dean, Ashley Miller, Amber MacDonald

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