Wintry Mix - Week 2

Contributed by: Kurt Hoyt

January 28, 2013 - We are in a couple chilly places this weekend, and one warm one. The details are here.

Important: If anything I have here or on the A5 website contradicts what your coach tells you, do what your coach tells you. Especially if you have a ref assignment during the opening match.

Central Zone Invitational
This tournament is being played at the Indianapolis Convention Center.

18 Open
18 Bob: #3 overall seed and #1 in Pool R1P3 at 11:00am on Court 19

17 Open
17 Jing: #2 overall seed and #1 in Pool R1P2 at 2:30pm on Court 17

16 Open
16 Jackie: #1 overall seed and #1 in Pool R1P1 at 11:00am on Court 22

K2 Elite Invitational
This tournament is being played at the Sevierville Events Center near Knoxville, TN.

18 Open - Hall B
18 Tee: #3 in Pool 18R1A at 3:00pm on Court 9
16 Open - Hall A
16 Taylor: #2 in Pool 16R1F at 4:00pm on Court 21
15 Open - Hall A
15 Mike: #1 overall seed and #1 in Pool 15R1A at 8:00am on Court 15
12 Open - Hall B
12 Grace: #2 in Pool 12R1PD at 9:00am on Court 4

River City Winter Blast
This tournament is being played at the JJVA Center in Jacksonville, FL.

14 Girls
14 Dan: #3 in Pool R1-14A at 8:00am on Court 8nknownObject" src="" _fckfakelement="true" _fckrealelement="0">

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