2015 Season Ends with A Record Eight Teams earning Medal at AAU/USAV Nationals

July 3, 2015 - A5 Family,                                                             
The 2015 competitive season is now behind us.  22 of our top girls teams earned the right to extend their seasons beyond AAU's, and the Club fared well against the best in the country.  We also sent three boys teams to USAV Nationals in Columbus.
Though a legitimate National Championship still eludes us, three of our teams were knocking on the door and I have a Fletcher Forecast:  that the core group comprising the first USAV National Champions in A5 history is already playing for our club.
(Truth in advertising -- A5 has won four National Championship tournaments -- incredible accomplishments that will be forever remembered by the girls on those teams -- but until we win one in the Open division at USAV Nationals, we will refrain from claiming to be National Champions.  the four teams:

16 Erica -- 2007 -- American Division
18 Bob -- 2008 -- National Division
16 Gabe -- 2011 -- American Division
15 Dan -- 2015 -- Club Division, AAU's

This policy is in stark contrast with several clubs in the Atlanta area who broadcast "National Champions" all over their website despite never having even qualified a team to compete in the Open division.)
But I digress.  Following are some of the highlights that came out of NOLA:
Three teams medaled in the Open Division -- A5 12 JingA5 15 Gabe and A5 14 Suzanne -- breaking last season's record of two in which 17Jing won a silver medal and 18 Bob finished 3rd.  (More truth in advertising -- there is no Open division in the U12 age bracket.  Since "National" is the highest division offered for these young players, we're using the word "Open" to describe their finish, since they competed in the highest division offered.)  

First USAV Nationals in New Orleans

A5 18 Bob finished 15th in 18 Open (Just missed a top 8 finish by a couple of points) 
A5 18 Marc finished 27th in 18 Open
A5 18 Katie finished 13th in 18 American, beating their seed by a remarkable 22 spots
A5 18 Jeff finished 56 in 18 Club
A5 17 Jing finished 34th in 17 Open
A5 17 Karen finished 36th in 17 American
A5 16 Jackie finished 15th in 16 Open (Just missed a top 8 finish by a couple of points)
A5 16 Gary finished 33rd in 16 National
A5 16 Adam Boys finished 52nd in 16 Club
A5 15 Gabe finished 3rd in 15 Open (Bronze Medal)
A5 15 Boba finished 11th in 15 National -- an astounding 26 slots higher than their seed 
A5 15 Dan won the Bronze bracket to finish 17th in 15 American
A5 14 Suzanne finished 3rd in 14 Open (Bronze Medal)
A5 14 Karen finished 33rd in 14 National
A5 14 Marge finished 47th in 13 American
A5 14 Kip Boys finished 3rd in 14 Club (Bronze Medal) 
A5 13 PC finished 15th in 13 Open
A5 13 Nikki finished 31st in 13 American -- 8 spots higher than seeded
A5 12 Jing finished 2nd in 12 National (Silver Medal)

Final Results of AAU Nationals in Orlando

A5 18 Bob - finished 9th in 18 Open
A5 18 Marc - finishe 29th in 18 Open
A5 18 Katie -  finished 9th in 18 Club
A5 18 Jeff Boys - finished 5th in 18 Club Boys
A5 17 Jing - finished 5th in 17 Open
A5 17 Karen - finished 5th in 17 Premier
A5 16 Jackie - finished 21st in 18 Open (Played 2 age groups up)
A5 16 Duane - finished 5th in 16 Classic
A5 15 Gabe - finished 2nd in 15 Open (Silver Medal)
A5 15 Bob - finished 3rd in 15 Premier (Bronze Medal)
A5 15 Dan - finished 1st in 15 Club (Gold Medal)
A5 15 Arieon - finished 21st in 15 Classic
A5 14 Suzanne - finished 5th in 14 Open
A5 14 Karen - finished 5th in 14 Premier
A5 14 Marge - finished 59th in 14 Club
A5 14 Kip Boys - finished 2nd in 14 Club Boys (Silver Medal)
A5 13 PC - finished 15th in 13 Open
A5 13 Nikki - finished 5th in 13 Classic
A5 12 Jing - finished 5th in 12 Open
A5 12 Tee - finished 21st in 12 Club
A5 11 Walter - finished 16 in 11's

This completes our 2014-15 season!  Thank you to all the players, parents, and staff!  We can't wait till the 2015-16!


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