2012 High School All-Americans named by PrepVolleyball

Contributed by: John Tawa

February 8, 2013 -
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Agony…and ecstasy. There simply is no other way to describe the process of selecting high school All Americans. That’s why we think I’ll be repeating these lines to introduce this story every year. On the one hand, we are thrilled to recognize 150 deserving players from 40 states as 2012 PrepVolleyball.com All Americans. On the other, there are always too many talented kids and not enough spots for all of them. Tough choices had to be made. Agonizing choices. Choices that have had me up the past three nights stressing!

A5 All-Americans are:

Highest Honorable Mention: Allie Davenport
High Honorable Mention: Molly McAlvany, Maggie Rick and Haley Templeton
Special Mention: Amanda Dachs

More information: http://www.prepvolleyball.com

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