Day 1: Brazil

November 20, 2015 - Today is our first day in Brazil! We landed in São Paulo around 9am after 10 hours of total flying. We had to drive 45 minutes to the hotel to check in and cleaned our selves up. We then went across the street to experience our first Brazilian meal consisting of a bunch of meat, exotic fruit, and yummy deserts.

Brooke Rundle, our tour guide for this adventure has to keep reminding us to keep our cameras and cell phones in our bags but we just can't help ourselves! We want want to capture every single moment for y'all back at home. After lunch, we walked to the athletic facilities in town, which basically is a YMCA on steroids. This is where we played our first match against the local club team. Your A5 chicks were fye this afternoon and got that W vs Pinheiros U17 team 3-0.

Tonight we got to to grab some Brazilian pizza (it was actually own by some Native Italians) and we head over to watch a professional volleyball match EC Pinheiros vs Dentil PC! Dentil PC features Alix Klineman, a Stanford Alumni.  Dentil won 3-1.  We grabbed some ice cream.

Tomorrow, we have another match against the top team in São Paulo! Check back tomorrow to read about our next adventures!

Leila King and Caroline Welsh.

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