Day 3: Brazil

November 22, 2015 - Day 3 of Brazil brought us more sleep, no volleyball, and memories we will never forget. We started the day with one of the best hotel breakfasts any of us have ever had, consisting of exotic pastries, fruit, and juices. We then piled into two vans and traveled to one of the oldest soccer stadiums in the world. The stadium is home to many exciting wins and a museum of their history. Before we entered the museum, a tour guide gave us a summary of the stadium's origin which at times was confusing because of his broken English. He accidentally said the stadium was built in 1840 which made many of us very impressed with it's condition, but then he quickly corrected himself to 1940. The museum consisted of old videos and pictures, interactive activities, and a chance to experience the stadium at max capacity. After the museum we took many pictures and headed down to the gift shop where some of us got our very own customized soccer jerseys. Since the jerseys took longer than expected we skipped the cathedral and went straight to lunch and shopping on Paulaista, a street full of interesting people and unique booths. Lunch was a crazy experience. People didn't get their food and the whole restaurant was in complete chaos. Straight from the restaurant we went to Paulaista where we shopped, watched performers, and met new people. There were many bracelets, rings, and necklaces bought for the people back home. The street was closed to cars, so it was full of street venders, musicians, and entertainers. It was a mix of Times Square and Bourbon Street. To celebrate Libby's birthday, we are going to eat and then watch a samba show tonight, which our tour guide once starred in! 

Gabby Gonzales and Libby Bochniak

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