Europe Day 3/4

November 23, 2016 - Monday and Tuesday, November 21 & 22 , 2016

We started our day in berlin at our hotel.  We ate breakfast and hopped on the bus to start our trip to Poland. We stopped at a gas station and a rest stop on the way to play a 1st league team from a place in Poland in between Krakow and Berlin.  We stopped at a really cute restaurant in Gliwice Poland.  It was very cultural and had great food! Outside the restaurant they had a cute playground for children, but we all went to play on it in the beautiful fall like weather. Then we drive to the gym, where the girls playing were as old as 29.  We played 5 great sets and had some great competition.  After the games we have them some A5 tshirts and jerseys and they gave us some towels with their team name on them. Then we came to the hotel in Krakow. The hotel is really nice and has awesome food. We ate dinner here and went to sleep because we had a long day and we're going to have to wake up for breakfast at 8:30 the next morning for an awesome tour in the main part of the city. 

We started our day off in Poland with breakfast at our hotel. The breakfast was just like what we had in Germany. After breakfast we all gathered to walk on a tour of the streets of Poland. We took a bus to a place near the city and then walked from there. The walk was pretty long but we had a great time looking at all the scenery around us. In Poland, many of the buildings were rebuilt after the communist ruling so most of them are pretty modern. 
Finally, we arrived in the city of Kraków. We met our tour guide who was born and raised in the city. She knew everything we asked her which was so cool! We started off in the main town square which had small market stands, other tour guides, and souvenir shops everywhere! There were also many young children in the square on tours which was super weird to see since there was so many of them roaming around! We started our tour off with the famous tower. Our tour guide explained that every hour, a person plays a trumpet and rings a bell. Everyone embraces the culture in the daytime, yet she said that sometimes people get annoyed with the trumpeter at night since the city is so calm and peaceful. Next we walked to a famous theater in the city and it was beautiful! The architecture was extremely detailed but we didn't get to stay here for too long. After, we took a short walk to another smaller square of shops. One of the shops had handmade paintings that were so pretty. Many of our players bought them. Next, we took a journey to the famous castle and got to walk like royals! We also had the chance to see where many of the kids in Poland go to school for college. We even ran into some of the kids when we were near the classrooms! Of course after this we had to stop for Starbucks to get some coffee to warm up our hands. Soon after we got on a bus and headed home to get ready for our match. 
Tonight we played a team from the second division in the Poland professional league. They were super good but we were able to beat them 3-1. The gym we played at was only about 10 minutes away form our hotel which was super nice because we had a chance to walk there instead of riding the bus. After playing, we came back to the hotel, showered, relaxed, and got ready for dinner. Dinner was a buffet in the hotel lobby. We had choices ranging from fish, pork, lamb, potatoes, soup, salad, and many more! We all agreed that this meal was pretty good! After this, as a team we went to a nearby gas station to pick up some snacks and candy for tonight. We are getting to bed early to get a goodnight sleep for more touring tomorrow!

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