A5 Coaches 13 - 18

September 13, 2017 -

A5 is proud to announce the head coaches for all teams ages 13 to 18.  We will be announcing 12 and under shortly.
Team Name Head Coach Assistant Coach
18-1 Bob Bob Westbrook  
18-2 John John Haroun  
18-3 Aleksey Aleksey Natalevich  
17-1 Jing Jing Hou  
17-2 Marc Marc Jones  
17-3 Lisa Lisa Inglis  
16-1 Gabe Gabe Aramian  
16-2 Scott Scott Shelley  
16-3 Liang Liang Zhang  
15-1 Boba Boba Nisavic  
15-2 JJ JJ Boyte  
15-3 LA Laura Ann O'Sullivan  
15-4 Sydney Sydney Yeomans  
14-1 Suzanne Suzanne Fitzgerald  
14-2 Karen Karen Arndt  
14-3 Allison Allison Boes  
14-4 Alex Alex King  
14-5 Brianna Brianna Kastner  
13-1 Earl Earl Kneessi  
13-2 Anna Anna Braun  
13-3 Betty Betty Smith  
13-4 Tina Tina Marsteller  
13-5 Jordan Jordan Screen  

A5 Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

All of our teams are encouraged to give back to the community by undertaking a community service project that may or may not have anything to do with volleyball.

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