A5 18 Bob Qualifies for USAV Nationals in 18 Open Division

May 11, 2018 -

A5 18 Bob Qualifies for USAV Nationals 
in 18 Open Division
Several Other Teams Came Oh So Close
A5 Family,
Talk about monkeys on backs -- this year's A5 18 Bob team was feeling the pressure. Months ago they decided to put all of their eggs in the Open basket.  I.e., if they didn't qualify for Nationals in the Open Division, they would forego the opportunity to compete at Nationals in a lower division, staying home while others traveled to Anaheim.
They started hot at the Music City Qualifier in February, winning their first five matches, but they lost to OT 18 Aaron in pool play and lost their final three matches to fall from contention.  Then at Beast they won their first seven matches and needed to win just one more match for a bid, but lost 13 - 15 in the 3rd set. Last weekend's Mid East Qualifier was their last chance to qualify, and the 48-team field was stacked, with 10 of the teams having already qualified.  
Seeded 11th, 18 Bob held their seed by winning their pool on day one and took over the top seed on day two with a three-set win over Legacy.  Sporting a 6 - 0 record, the thought was that they had to win at least one of the two gold pool matches to have a chance to qualify.  
They lost their first match to Drive Nation, putting them in a must-win situation with the season on the line against that same OT 18 Aaron that had beaten them in Nashville back in February.  A5 won the match-up this time, throwing the pool into a three-way tie, with each team having a 1-1 record. A5 now had two more must-win matches - first against Drive Nation, followed by - you guessed it - OT 18 Aaron -  and they won both in dominant fashion to secure the bid.

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In 2015 A5 won five of seven available regional championships and this with five of our top teams at home because they had already qualified in the Open Division. Our sister Clubs, A5 Gwinnett and A5 South, won the other two regional championships.

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