It's Our Depth that is Decisive

July 4, 2018 -

It's Our Depth that is Decisive
Most would say that a volleyball club's national reputation is a function of the performance of its "1" teams.  Certainly that's the way the Triple Crown Sports' National Rankings are created.  
At A5 we have taken a decidedly different strategy.  While the "1" teams get their share of attention, we focus on consistency of coaching and and our master coaches do their best to enhance the development of all our teams.  Certainly A5 16 Liang's winning a Bronze medal in the Club Division at AAU's - defeating twelve "1" teams along the way - suggests some success in this regard. Indeed, one of our stated goals is for both our "1" and "2" teams to qualify for Nationals in the Open Division, and we are on the cusp of achieving that goal.  Each of the satellite clubs has similar, measurable goals.
It is not uncommon for college coaches to marvel at the number of teams the A5 Family qualifies for Nationals, and the high level at which they play.  When they ask us our "secret", we describe our consistent/master coaching philosophy, and inform them that our athletes are privileged to compete with and against the finest players in the state every time they enter the practice gym.  Not many clubs in the country can honestly make that statement.
Case in point:  A5 16 Scott became the second member in A5 Family History to win a gold medal in the Premier Division at the AAU National Championships when they concluded play yesterday.  They dropped just one set en route to a dominating 12 - 0 record, to include a complete dismantlement of their three opponents in the Gold Bracket, who entered the bracket with a collective 32 - 4 record.  (If memory serves, A5 South 14 Trina was First in the Family to win the Premier Division - by defeating A5 14 Karen in the finals last year.  14 Karen won the revenge match a week later at USAV Nationals.)  But I digress..... has a great write-up about the 16 Scott's Championship Match.  If you'd like to read it, press this link.

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In 2015 A5 won five of seven available regional championships and this with five of our top teams at home because they had already qualified in the Open Division. Our sister Clubs, A5 Gwinnett and A5 South, won the other two regional championships.

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