Tryouts for 10's - 14's Commence Saturday, 10/13

October 4, 2018 -

A5 Family,
We hope you are as excited about the coming season as we are.  Just think:  in two short weeks, teams will be constituted for 14's and below.  
A5 is going to be conducting its tryouts a little differently this year.  Specifically, we will be hosting just one tryout session per age bracket.  Unlike previous years, we won't be holding call-backs.  Thus it is more important than ever for prospective A5 athletes to come to tryouts with a plan, having done your homework by comparing us to other offerings, attending open gyms, info meetings and the like.  ....and it goes without saying that if you want to play for A5, you need to be at that tryout.
We want athletes who want to be with us, and if you are fortunate enough to be offered a position on the third-ranked club in the country, we hope you will be able to give us an answer on the spot, as it is our goal to constitute our teams the first day of tryouts. (Note that sister clubs' policies in this regard will vary based on tryout numbers; check their protocol by attending an info meeting and/or checking their website.)
Everyone hates tryouts - coaches, administrators, and especially athletes and their parents.  It is a stressful event for all involved, and a Big Decision if you are serious about the sport. A5 will be honest and open with the athletes who try out for us, and we ask that athletes and their families behave likewise, as it is a process that demands mutual integrity and trust.

A5 Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

We focus on key character traits that help define a person as he or she grows, including: integrity, intensity, teamwork, leadership, discipline, courage and sportsmanship.

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