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January 16, 2019 -

Preseason Team Rankings
I hesitate to even publish this, because we really don't care much about pre-season rankings.  It's the end-of-season recognition that we covet and work for.  Could this be the year that we dethrone perennial #1 TAV from their perch?  I think we've got a chance.
Back to the present.  Congrats to the following teams for appearing on's pre-season radar:
  • A5 18-1 Scott # 51
  • A5 17-1 Jing # 8
  • A5 17-2 Scott # 75
  • A5 16-1 Gabe #10
  • A5 South 16-1 Jason #15 - I believe the first A5 South team ever to crack the top 20
  • A5 16-2 Liang Honorable Mention
  • A5 15-1 Bob # 11
  • A5  15-2 LA Honorable Mention
14's and younger are not tracked by Prep.I look forward to comparing these predictions with our end-of-year experience.  Betcha a dollar our teams move up considerably across the board.
Athletes in the News
Congratulations to the following players who were recognized by on their All American list:
Highest Honorable Mention
  • Jaque Boney - 16 Gabe
  • Savannah Bray - 17 Jing
  • Caroline Cheney - 18 Scott
  • Evoni Lemons - 16 Gabe
  • Bria Plante - 18 Boba
High Honorable Mention
  • Emily Hodsdon - 17 Jing
  • Ngozi Iloh - A5South 16 Jason

Special Mention

  • Sarah Hayes Farley 18 Scott
  • Kalissa Greene - 16 Gabe
  • Ally Hall - Not Playing Club this season because of an injury
  • Erykah Lovett - 16 Jason 
  • Bella Tolone - 16 Gabe
  • Nina Williams - 18 Scott
Japan trip; Commitment night; hundreds of other candid shots -- you might want to thank Board Member/Uberphotographer Jeff Choe when you next see him.  Check out these links:
Thanks, Jeff - really good stuff!  Here's a sampling:

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