December 1, 2019 -

2019-20 Tryouts & Commitment Nights are history!
We are excited to announce we are bigger and better than ever before! Every year, the process of forming teams is demanding, complicated and stressful for all involved, especially as we grow and the number of participants increases every year. However, it’s part of participating in any competitive club sport and we can’t change that.
So now that it’s over, across all our clubs, the glorious picture of the A5 Family of Teams is complete. Eighty three Indoor Girls teams, two Indoor Boys teams and 50 Beach players (and counting) will wear the coveted A5 jersey to thousands of practices in their facilities and hundreds of tournaments nationwide over the course of this new club year. Congratulations to all who made a team in the A5 family. Being a part A5 means you carry a highly-respected brand that is regarded as one of the elite volleyball clubs in the county. We recognize that without you there is no A5.
We are truly honored you are entrusting the next chapter of your development as a player to us and we pledge to do our best to give you our best. Together, we will work hard, have fun, execute sportsmanship, build teamwork, honor and character and do the right things over "W's and L's". One thing we know is when we impart these skills combined with the intricate technical aspects of the game to our athletes, they write history. We are proud to begin another incredible club chapter and we intend to DOM1NATE!
With the 14-and-under teams completed, here is the breakdown by club of the number of teams formed in the 15’s-18’s age groups for 2019-20 season: 
A5 formed a total of fourteen competitive teams with four 15's teams, four 16's teams, three 17's teams, three 18 teams.Some very encouraging things we noticed this year at tryouts were offers being quickly accepted and players wanting to return to the floor to keep playing! Overall we are up by two teams from last year and it's our huge network of players that have made this possible. The talent in the gym this year is extraordinary and we hope to carry all the big smiles, excitement and enthusiasm from tryouts forward into the new season.
A5 Gwinnett formed a total of nine competitive teams, seven national teams and two regional teams. We are excited to announce the following national teams were formed: one 15’s, three 16’s, 
one 17’s, two 18’s and two 6’s regional teams. We have increased by two teams over last year and we are pleased to welcome more players and their families to our program.
A5 South formed eight competitive teams up three teams from last year! We are pleased to announce the following teams were formed: 
three 15’s, two 16’s, two 17’s, one 18’s. Our overall tryout takeaway this year is we have assembled lots of physical players that are solid athletes who we can’t wait to develop and take to the next level. 
A5 Chattanooga tryouts for all age groups went very well with over one hundred and fifty players in the gym and we were able to form a total of fourteen competitive teams! The most in our young club’s history! We are excited to announce the following teams were formed: two 11’s, three 12’s, two 13’s, two 14’s, one 15’s, two 16’s, two 17’s. This is huge and we had a goal of expanding the 12’s age group and we did that by adding two more teams!
A5 Boys have one 16's and one 18's teams formed and are seeing lots of interest from more players who we are working with to try to form an additional team in the Spring. We are reaching out to middles schools to garner support and also have formed a foundation to raise money to pay coaches and drive interest and support for the cause of Boys volleyball.
A5 Beach has over fifty players committed to the program this season between the National and Regional teams. 

A5 Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

We focus on key character traits that help define a person as he or she grows, including: integrity, intensity, teamwork, leadership, discipline, courage and sportsmanship.

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