How to decipher USAV team codes

Contributed by: Walter Patterson

February 11, 2020 - Have you ever prepared to play against a club's "Red" team or their "Molten" team and wondered which level team that is?  Or even, where are they from?  The answer is: check their USAV team code, which can be found on the AES website or other tournament websites alongside the team's name.

The image (click to enlarge) shows an example from the 18's division at the First Lady's Challenge tournament.  The circled team, Q-Cobra VBC 18's, has as their USAV team code:


Let's break this down.

F - female athletes
J - junior division (USAV also sanctions adult leagues)
8 - single digit showing the age of this team ('0' means 10's, 1 means 11's, etc)
QCOBR - 5 letters abbreviating the name of the club (Q-Cobra Volleyball Club)
1 - the level of this team - this is their highest team or their "1" team
LS - two-letter region code.  "Lone Star" region means Southeast Texas.

Our own A5 12-Donna team's code is FJ2AFIVE3SO.  Again, the '2' shows that the team are 12-year-olds, the second numeric digit '3' shows that this is the 3rd level team at that age group.  We play in the SOuthern region.

If you really want to get geeky, below is a map of all the two-letter USAV region codes.  Some are obvious (OK = Oklahoma) but some really are not:  GW = Gateway region near St. Louis; LK = Lakeshore region in the midwest;  PM = Palmetto region / South Carolina; PS = Puget Sound area around Seattle; and IE in upstate New York is the "Iroquois Empire" Region.

Now you can be an the smartest parents in the room when it comes to deciphering opponents based on their team codes!


AK Alaska Region
AH Aloha Region
AZ Arizona Region
BG Badger Region
BY Bayou Region
CR Carolina Region
CH Chesapeake Region
CE Columbia Empire Region
DE Delta Region
EV Evergreen Region
FL Florida Region
GE Garden Empire Region
GW Gateway Region
GL Great Lakes Region
GP Great Plains Region
GC Gulf Coast Region
HA Heart of America Region
HO Hoosier Region
IM Intermountain Region
IA Iowa Region
IE Iroquois Empire Region
KE Keystone Region
LK Lakeshore Region
LS Lone Star Region
MK Moku O Keawe Region
NE New England Region
NO North Country Region
NT North Texas Region
NC Northern California Region
OV Ohio Valley Region
OK Oklahoma Region
OD Old Dominion Region
PM Palmetto Region
PR Pioneer Region
PS Puget Sound Region
RM Rocky Mountain Region
SO Southern Region
SC Southern California Region
SU Sun Country Region
WE Western Empire Region

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