Summer Beach in Full Swing

September 8, 2020 -

A5 Beach director Marc Jones shares, "it has been great to see the girls back in the sand training hard and playing in tournaments. They continue to amaze me with their work ethic, growth, and love of the game."
With Beach season underway, we are pleased to share the following results from the most recent tournaments:
Georgia Sand Classic
Liv Diaz - Brynlee Smith - 2nd
Mae Elliot - Kathryn OMara - 3rd
Kennedy and Kendal Gentry - 3rd
Ana Tweedy and Taryn Dickey - 3rd (pictured)
Kalyssa Taggart and Allie Chesnut - Winners!
Gabrielle Brant and Shelby Matteson - 3rd
Grace Van Buren and Logan Walker - 3rd
AAU Qualifer - Raleigh, NC 
6/6 - 6/7
Skylar Martin and Kora Hansen (pictured)- Winners & AAU Nationals Bid! 
Rebecca Watkins and Katie Camp - 5th
Skylar and Jaci (Ohio Beach Valley) - 2nd
Rebecca Watkins and Katie Camp - 5th
Rally - Swing into Summer Take 2
6/13 - 6/14
Taylor Nelson and Avery Brown - Winners!
Madelyn Ferdoussi and Morgan Perry (National Blue
Navarre Beach) - 3rd
Kendal and Kenddy Gentry - 3rd
14U -3rd Place Ana Tweedy and Taryn Dickey (13 Allison)
Vero Beach - P1440 Event 6/12 - 6/14
Skylar Martin and Jaci Carpenter (Ohio Valley Beach) - 2nd
Skylar Martin and Jaci Carpenter (Ohio Valley Beach) - 3rd (pictured)
2020 Gulf Coast Region “BeachFest” - 
National Beach Tour National Qualifier
6/20 - 6/21
18 Open
Madeline Camp and Noa Askren (Optimum Beach) - 2nd in Gold bracket and bid to USAV! (pictured with Coach Marc Jones)
Skylar Martin and Destiny White (Ohio Valley Beach) - 4th
Macie Sacristan and Alyssa Eckenroth (Ocala Power) 1st Silver bracket (pictured)
16 Open
Rebecca Watkins and Katie Camp - 5th
Mid-Summer Slam
6/20 - 6/21
Emma Tennant and Hayden McGee (18-Scott) - 2nd
Luna Wan and Greta Barrett (A5 South) - 2nd
Gabi Emch and Ruby McDermott (A5 12 Jing) - 2nd
Mia Mowbray and Mataya Orth (A5 12 Jake) - 3rd

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In 2015, 2 teams ranked in the Top 10 of every age group in the SRVA rankings - including 5 teams ranked first in the region. in 14, 15, 16, 18 teams were ranked 1st and 2nd. A total of 22 teams finished the season ranked in the Top 10.

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