GHSA Awards Piling Up!

October 30, 2022 - October 30 2022 - A5 players are piling up High School awards as the 2022 GHSA Volleyball Tournament is about to get conclude. These are in no particular order. We hope we got everyone, but invariably a few may have not been reported. If you have All-Area, Senior All-Star, All-State or any of the below that has not been mentioned, please email and we will update. 
* Updates added on 11/1 
2022 AVCA All American
1st Team

Gaby Cornier
Skylar Martin
2nd Team
Ella Beyer
3rd Team
Briea Craft
Honorable Mention
Jordan White
Jayidan Garcia
Taylor Pecht
Lauren Van Wie
Reece Rhoads

Max Prep Volleyball All-Americans
Taylor Pecht - 1st Team
Ashley Sturziu - 1st team
Sophie Harvey - 2nd Team
Jurnee Robinson - 2nd Team
Cooper Abney - 2nd Team

AVCA All-Region

Gaby Cornier Naya Ohuabunwa
Janie Stinchomb Ellise Hanson
Ella Beyer Jordan White
Rebecca Watkins Jaidyn Garcia
Briea Craft Skylar Martin
Lauren Van Wie Reece Rhoads
Taylor Pecht  
Caroline Vanke  

GVCA Players of the Year (State)
Grace Agolli - 4A
Gaby Cornier - 5A
Taylor Pecht - 6A

GVCA All-State
Addie Eiland Iyanna Garvin
Desiny Mckenzie Lauren Van Wie
Avery Daum Grace Agolli
Emma Duffield Briea Craft
Ellie Siskin Ellie Myers
Dhru Lalaji Kennedy Campbell
Gaby Cornier Gracie Rose
Maddie Burrough Janie Kate Stinchcomb
Naya Ohuabunwa Taylor Pecht
Skylar Martin Sophie Katherine Harvey
Logan Wiley Sydney Huyck
Sara Sidfert Sydney McCutcheon
Dayla Ortiz Sydney Bray
Isa Boyd Cooper Abney
Ellis Crawford Elani Ratchkovska
Rebecca Watkins Lily Torrence
Rosa Fisher Laney Daniell
Ashley Sturzoiu Jaidyn Garcia
Jordan White Mary Neal
Molly Kate Patten Sydney Austin
Francesca Popescu Courtney Graham
Reece Rhoads Kellan Flynn
Claire Jenkins Caroline Vanke
Haedyn Crumbley Iyanna Garvin

GAPPS Division All State
Hannah Benjamin

GVCA Area Player of the Year
Taylor Pecht Sydney McCutheon
Lauren Van Wie Logan Wiley
Jaidyn Garcia Peyton Slone
Isa Boyd Haedyn Crumbley
Elizabeth Cheney Iyanna Garvin
Grace Agolli  
Natalie Tsai  
Gaby Cornier  
GVCA Senior All-Stars
Ella Beyer Sydney Bray
Briea Craft Addie Eiland
Jillian Fry Jaidyn Garcia
Iyanna Garvin Sydney Huyck
Claire Jenkins Naya Ohuanbunwa
Reece Rhoads Sara Siefert
Sara Siefert Janie Kate Stinchcomb
Ashley Sturzoiu Lauren Van Wie
Caroline Vanke Lymaris Vasquez
Rebecca Watkins Jordan White
Iyanna Garvin  

GVCA All Area
Taylor Pecht Jaidyn Garcia Angelica Gonzalez
Sara Siefert Sarah Boyle Lauren Marschke
Rosa Fisher Nikol Antova Sofia Guerrero-Wilson
Sydney Huyck Jaya Moore Kendall White
Skylar Martin Kailey McGrady Jordan White
Olivia Philpot Reece Wright Natalie Wilson
Lauren Van Wie Sofia Slavo Quincy Morin
Emily Light Duri Harden Mikayla Middleton
Avery Duam Liv Diaz Emma Stokes
Morgan Powell Isa Boyd Sophia Van Name
Kellen Flynn Mia Mowbray Logan Wiley
Gracie Rose Ruby McDermott Brooke Boyles
Macy Funk Abby Felaki Sofia Dawson
Destiney McKenzie Elizabeth Cheney Lily Kuck
Gabi Cornier Hady Pickard Madison McLin
Lucy Shi Mary Neal Lymaris Vasquez
Sophia Jo Ellie Myers Sydney McCutcheon
Paisley Gillespie Reece Rhoads Adeline Wieler
Jaya Moore MK Patten Shea Murray
Ellis Crawford Natalie Tsai Kylassa Taggart
Mckenzie Wilkie Francesca Popescu Copper Abney
Holly Durfene Dhru Llalji Dayla Ortiz
Jackie Watt Bria Craft Fifi Harvey
Emma Duffield Kennedy Campbell Gabi Fullwood
Allison Young Ellise Hanson Grace Agolli
Ellie Siskin Addie Eiland Claire Jenkins
Courtney Graham Caroline Vanke  Kendall Newbold
Peyton Slone Sam Karel Haedyn Crumbley
Lily Owings Iyanna Garvin  


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