All-Club Dinner-Dance Details

Contributed by: Michael Fletcher

April 10, 2013 - It's really hard to believe that this seasonal highlight is less than four weeks away.

As we have grown and matured as an organization we have made a conscious effort to evolve the All-Club Dinner so that it is a memorable event, befitting a club of our stature. This year, to paraphrase Neil Armstrong, we are taking a Giant Leap for Volleyball-Kind. Something like that. The days of no air conditioning and volunteers schlepping tables and chairs are behind us.

With the addition of A5 South this year, it only makes sense that the theme of the event be "We are Family". Plus, we're no longer just a banquet, but a Dinner-Dance. Indeed, the Board had previously flirted with the notion of a Father-Daughter Dance, and this event will provide the perfect opportunity for you dads to showcase your moves for your daughters. Moms too! Seriously--this is one of the best opportunities you will have to prove them wrong when they say, "Dad, you're not cool." As for me, I will simply chat with my friends and enjoy a toddy, as my taking to the dance floor would prove my daughters RIGHT.

But I digress.... Here's what you need to know at present:

  • We have outgrown the Cooler, so this year the event will be held at the Gwinnett Convention Center's Grand Ballroom--in the same building as the Southern Dream. The venue is air conditioned (whew!) and has unlimited free parking.
  • Date: Friday, May 3rd; Doors open 6:30 p.m.; dinner will be served at 7:00.
  • The formal program will conclude at 8:45, at which time the party starts. The party will wind down by 11. (Moving the event back one week was a purposeful move, designed to allow participants to make an evening of it rather than having to go right home and hit the sack in anticipation of the next day's competition.)
  • Cost is $25/person, which includes everything (except for the cash bar, which will be available for parents and Club Directors). You should be aware of the fact that the actual cost of the event is considerably more, but the Club is subsidizing a considerable portion of the party so as to keep it affordable for all of our families.
  • As was the case last year, the wildly popular photo booth will be set up, enabling pictures of teams, friends, families--wacky and serious--throughout the evening.
  • Team Communications Managers will be responsible for selling tickets and collecting money; look for additional instructions within the week.
  • We consider this a mandatory event for players and coaches. We strongly encourage parents to attend as well, as this is such an important part of our organization's culture. Moreover, it's just a fun and inspirational evening that you won't want to miss!
  • As in previous years we will have the Team Centerpiece Competition. Moms, put on your creative hats, but please, no open flames and don't let it get so big or tall that a) there is no room to eat; or b) others' views are obstructed. Installation/timing details to follow.
  • Another tradition that will continue--a tradition we have mentioned in previous emails--is the Annual Photo Contest. Photos may be submitted at any time beginning now through April 26th. The Photo Committee will narrow the choices to 10 or so photographs, which will be displayed and voted on at the Banquet. Entries should be submitted to in jpeg format and include the name of the photographer as well as the name of the photo to be considered. This is your opportunity to be immortalized in A5 lore, as was the case with Randy Yanda, when he snapped this iconic shot in 2008 in Dallas when A5 18-Bob won the National Championship (National Division). Many current members of the Family are in that picture. Apparently the guy in the blue in the upper center of the picture was the sole fan who was rooting for Alamo.

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For the 2013-14 club season Triple Crown Sports ranked A5 as the number 5 club in the nation (out of over 4000). This follows a 9th ranking in 2012-13.

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