More All-Club Dinner-Dance Details

April 16, 2013 - A number of you have asked about dress. Years ago our 18's teams began coming to the event in prom attire--all glammed up--as partial compensation for proms missed for volleyball. This tradition will continue, and this year the opportunity to dress in Party Attire will be given to athletes of all ages. While business casual attire is probably appropriate for parents, we request that our athletes take it up a couple of notches and come prepared to Par-Tay.

Tickets are in the process of being distributed to Team Communications Managers. We are requesting that tickets be sold and cash turned in to Denise Corrigan not later than Wednesday, 4/24. We know that this doesn't give you a lot of time, but we need a quick turn-around to finalize the head count for our caterer.

Again, the date is Friday, May 3rd; Doors open at 6:30 p.m.; dinner will be served at 7:00. A cash bar will be open throughout the evening for adults

As in previous years we will have the Team Centerpiece Competition. Moms, put on your creative hats, but please, no open flames and don't let it get so big or tall that a) there is no room to eat; or b) others' views are obstructed. Centerpiece creators will be granted early access to their tables.

Photos for the Annual Photo Contest are beginning to trickle in, though we haven't yet experienced the deluge of previous years. Entries should be submitted to in jpeg format and include the name of the photographer as well as the name of the photo to be considered. The following shot by Tad Bixbie is one of my favorite entries, though it didn't take top honors when it was submitted last year. So you can see that the competition is brutal:

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