October 7, 2013 - Tryouts Commence This Weekend 
A5 Family,
The Big Day is upon us for 14's and under.  Though nearly 500 athletes have registered for tryouts--a number that grows daily--there are still several families that have completed 90% of the process but actually remain unregistered. YOUR CHILD IS NOT REGISTERED FOR TRYOUTS UNTIL THE FINAL STEP IN THE PROCESS--I.E., REGISTERING FOR THE EVENT--HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND PAID FOR. Once this has occurred, you will get an automatically-generated email confirming payment receipt and registration.  The good news is that, once you've registered with us, you will never ever have to duplicate that process.
It is to everyone's advantage to pre-register for tryouts rather than doing so at the door.  In addition to saving ten bucks, you streamline the process for your daughter on the day of tryouts and you assist our staff in planning for the event.   
Following are the appropriate URL's for registering for tryouts.  Note that since A5, GA5 and A5 South are technically three different clubs, those desiring to try out for more than one of them will have to register independently with both clubs.  
For parents wishing to create an account: 
For those wishing to view programs, tryouts, and register: 

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Over a dozen A5 coaches are currently coaching in college. Though we hate to lose these gifted coaches, we recognize that this dynamic is healthy, and is one of the reasons that we are successful in attracting such a talented coaching staff.

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